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Tips to Effectively Regulate Your HVAC System Through the Winter and Fall

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Now that winter is about to come. Are you confident that you’ll be comfortable and warm through it all? A well-functioning HVAC system can imply the difference between discomfort and comfort in your house. After all, you already spent your money on an HVAC or a furnace system. For that reason, this article aims to assist you to make the most of your investment. You can enjoy a worry-free and warm house through the winter and fall once you utilize the following tips to keep up your HVAC system.  

  • Get your ducts regularly cleaned and the best time to do this is before the winter season comes. It’s because your windows will be closed for winter, hence, you won’t obtain new debris and dust coming inside your home. Around the same time, vacuum your house to get rid of any grime or dust that’s out of the ductwork to prevent it from cycling back in.  
  • Replace or clean your HVAC filters regularly (as frequent as is suggested by your HVAC installing technician or by the furnace manufacturer). In several instances, you may be required to replace the filter every three to four months or replace the filter each month especially if you own pets. HVAC technicians mostly suggest that homeowners should at least check the air filter every month to establish the habit of checking it up. To help yourself remember this easily, it’s best if you do this every time you pay your electric bill.  
  • Look for all the air exchange covers and vent in your house and make sure to keep the debris and dust-free. Also, they should never be blocked by large objects or furniture. This will assist in preventing dust from blowing all over your house and also to guarantee consistent heat and proper airflow to every room.  
  • Locate and test all of your carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors in your house. A lot of HVAC systems are built with push buttons intended for testing that will notify you whether it’s properly working or not. If you have any battery-powered devices, don’t forget to replace batteries. Inspect these devices’ expiration dates and change them when they get past it.  
  • Before you use your HVAC system, make sure to test them first. Try to run it and observe for signs of weird smells or sounds. Once you attempt to run your HVAC system and it does not switch on, try to check the list below: 
  1. Do your thermostat’s batteries need to be changed? 
  1. Have you checked the circuit breakers? Are they positioned correctly? 
  1. Is the air filter clean? 
  1. Have you properly plugged into your HVAC unit? 

Doing these 4 steps can help you determine between a working HVAC system and a broken one. Also, see to it that the pipes that are connected to your HVAC unit must be debris-free and are not obstructed by anything.  

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